Sunday, March 9, 2008

From Vidal Sassoon to the desert of L.A

This month theme will be the desert of Los Angeles.

I did some research and found out that the place namie used to shoot those photos is called "Four Aces - Gas, Food & Lodging" Motel in the desert of Los Angeles.

I think the pictures looked very good and a perfect theme for NNN!



Howie said...

it is beautiful!!
keep up the good work

Ultra Micah (ウルトラ・マイカ) said...

I love the new layout! I suck at layouts but would you be interested in helping me with a layout? I really like your video of namie in the corner and would like to have a similar feature.

UH+ said...

^ How to do nice layout, just find beautiful/colorful scans/picture for the banners and choose the matching color schemes for the blog. I usually use grey or white for links to side-bar heading cuz it will simple and not so complicated. As for the posts' background color, I'll normally choose white cuz once again it's simple and not so flashy. Simplicity & beautiful banners are what I doing all the time. ^_^

「TKJA」 said...

I must say i love this layout the best! A whole lot better than the last! I love Green and Brown! Keep up the excellent work! Namie Rules!!! YAY How come I'm never around when her and Kumi are in L.A. Grrr >.<