Monday, March 10, 2008

WOOFIN' Girl April Interview translated

Here's the translation of interview from WOOFIN' Girl April issue:

Qns: In our first interview last year you said this year work hard! And as you announced, there has been a furious wave of touring. It must have been tiring. Wasn't it your most ever performances?

Yes. Up to now the most was around 30 or so? It had never exceeded 40.

Qns: 53 performances, how did you keep up your condition and spirits?

Well, I didn't spare a thought to sustaining it. Do one week, take a break, it had that feeling.

Qns: Leaving aside the number of performances, the shows this time had elaborate invention ~.

Since this tour followed the release of the 'PLAY' album, the theme obviously came from that.

Qns: You were trying to represent the world of the music videos on stage?

That's right. We were consciously doing that.

Qns: How was it? What's your impression having finished the longest tour in Amuro history? (laughs)

It was enjoyable as usual (laughs). I was most worried the first time out, after that I was able to enjoy it (laughs).

Qns: You must have visited every part of the country?

No, not really.

Qns: Well, maybe the next tour could just go round the places you haven't been yet? (laughs)

Ah, that would be good (laughs)

Qns: Truly, there won't be [another] tour this year?

No, there will be!

Qns: W Ooh! No kidding? Please do take a rest. Did you take a holiday at New Year?

Yes. I was very firm about that (laughs).

Qns: Ah, you're smiling. May I ask where you went?

Yes (laughs). I went to Europe.

Qns: That's nice. Whereabouts in Europe?

I visited Paris, Rome and Milan.

Qns: Excellent. What sort of thing did you do? An extravagant food tour? (laughs)
Seeing world heritage, and shopping (laughs).As usual then! (laughs)

Yes (laughs). As usual we booked a tour, joined in sightseeing of Louvre Art Museum and such. (laughs).

Qns: A regular tourist (laughs).

Yes (laughs). At 7:30 in the morning we'd meet up and go to Versailles or go to the Louvre. All the tourists going around the course together (laughs). Neatly stuck on badges, this tour group! (laughs).

Qns: It was a Japanese tour?

Yes. Only Japanese people.

Qns: The people going round with you were lucky. Then that may have been the wonderful sights (laughs). How were the meals?

The meals were rather odd while travelling (laughs).

Qns: Why say that? Odd while travelling? (laughs).

First of all, my calculation of time was no good at all (laughs). Convenient time for meals never coincided with the time that was booked (laughs). So I went but didn't get to eat..

Qns: That is sad.

Then if I canceled, at the essential time I couldn't find a restaurant (laughs). When you eat before seeing a show, too much and it gets too late to go out. It became like 'Hey, is this the can't eat to the end and go out system?'. But after all that I went back to the same shops later (laughs). It felt that way (laughs). Though if I moved to that area I would just get used to it.

Qns: Truly odd while travelling. Anyway, lets get back to talking about work (laughs).

Yes (laughs).

Qns: This year's first work brings together three songs on one big single. [Covering the] 60s, 70s, 80s is certainly a big thing indeed. And in the music videos you collaborated with a foreign [clothes] stylist and hair stylist. How was that?

There were various hard parts, but I think the work formed something completely different than up to now.

Qns: The intention with this collaboration was a first try at something other than music?

That's right, the adventure was to do something I hadn't done before, that was exciting.

Qns: Now it's completed, what are your frank impressions?

Using various different senses, at the planning stage one thing would be decided, after hard thought. In practice on the set, expected world activity ways the image instantly solidified and settled, each time it was completed to a very high standard. I gained various experience, it was enjoyable.

Qns: This time, each particular decade has plenty of material to use, but from this area you selected songs?

With 60's it was like that. My first thought was 'Baby Love'. 80's too was quite quickly decided, but 70's I worried about a little.

Qns: On 70's you collaboration with Muro-kun after long interval.

Yes. Apparently Muro-san was shown several other songs, but he's the same generation as me, there was a feeling younger people would easily understand these things too.
80's is Flash-dance! I love that music video (laughs).

Qns: Did you watch it at real time?


Qns: Did you imitate the dancing?

No, I didn't do that (laughs).

Qns: How disappointing.

But the image remains very strong.

Qns: Does your music video also have that image?

Um, no ~ why would you think that? (laughs).

Qns: Um, sorry for getting excited. It's just because we were speaking of Flash-dance's strong image (laughs). That splash and covered in water!
He he he (laughs). That's right.

Because it's a music video too I was hoping to see that … It doesn't have it…?
But as far as fashion goes, some situations were right, some were not (laughs).

Qns: You're talking about leotards, right?

Ha ha ha (laughs). I didn’t go that far. There is a more evolved feeling.

Qns: Now, to finish up, what will Namie Amuro do this year?

Right, this year in spite of my scheming, the year will go past as usual (laughs)

There's some part of the english I don't really understand. If I'm free, I may try to polish it up. ^_^ And also I will translate the Yahoo! Remake Special Interview either later or tomorrow. ( I had come down with a flu T_T I felt so tired now...)

translated by [duncan]


「TKJA」 said...

Yay She Is Doing a Tour This Year could mean a possible new album! Hehehe Yay

Amuroholic said...

Thanks for the translation!.Try to get well soon^.^.I just recovered a flu .Oh and by the way nice brown L.A theme!

Celaphorce said...

I love the part about the made me laugh, and I'm sure this year is the year for a beautiful 2CD+DVD best album with covers of her older songs...but when I read this year will pass like others...oh god!...two singles per year I still love her!

zahra said...

It doesn't mean a new album. She didn't release album 2006 but she toured anyway. Is more likely a new album next year. This year she should release singles for the next album.