Saturday, March 8, 2008

PLAY TOUR 2007 DVD Audio-Rip

You can now download high-quality audio-rip live MP3 from PLAY TOUR 2007 DVD at NNN Forum.



Shuyin/shushu said...

Hi UH+, you certainly saw me on AHS forum on the Namie thread under the nickname "Shuyin".
I want to tell you that these files have been uploaded by me on Jpopsuki a couple of days ago under the nickname "shushu".
So, basically, [madden_x] "stole" the credit of my work and I don't like that kind of people.
You can tell that it's really mine because I did a mistake in the tag of the "say the word" file and said it in the comments on jpopsuki. Here's the link :

Pedro said...

Thank you soooooooooooo much for these audios!!! Awesome quality!
Can't wait for my PLAY tour DVD to arrive! *-*

Kenshen said...

Hi UH+, thanks for providing the downloads for these files, much appreciated. Namie's Live concert vocals really are something special.

poo said...

Thanks heaps for sharing! Your work is much appreciated =D