Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'Past < Future' Week 17 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "Past < Future"

Week 17: 1,231
Total: 558,605



Namiefanlovelytoo said...

Namie is still leading the 2010 album charts!!! >u< >u<
But since her sales are decreasing day by day there's a chance that she can loose that position. TmT

It'd be epic if she can manage to lead the album charts till the end of the year!!
I'm sure P<F can get by the next week 560 copies,just hope this studio album can get at least 600k overall.

But it doesn't end here, something that is torturing me recently is that there is no news of Namie .I wanna see her PAST<FUTURE tour so badly ( at least fancams ,please)
Ahhh.... well i have to wait for the dvd release .

As long as she enjoys her tour it'd be great, right?
Am i the only one concernig about this???

r said...

^Nope. I was wondering about the tour too. No news at all, no descriptions of performances... no more pics... nothing :/
(maybe it was like this with last tour and I just don't remember... things should pick up when they allow the media to videotape clips)

And I also hope her album will remain #1 for the year :), but I doubt it since it's so early in the year--a lot more albums will be released, so chances are one of them will pass hers. It should be one of the higher ranking ones though ^^

Anonymous said...

hey guys , i bring googd news though everyone already know about it.
"Namie is nominated for the World Stage VMAJ 2010 in 3 categories :Best album , best female artist and best video of the year .
Please all namie's fans ( me as well) vote for her in this VMAJ. We can vote till May 9th so the ones who are interested just do it in here :


I know that we Namie's fans can make this possible ( let's repeat again this year , ok?)

Anonymous said...

hope she can attend it !!! >u<
and win at least 2 of 3 nominations.
although , it seems impossible since her P<F tour is supposed to be at that day.

rumie said...

I really hope that she could won even one nomination, but I'm too afraid that lady gaga will steal them. But I wish to namie a good luck. I voted for her!