Tuesday, April 13, 2010

'Past < Future Tour 2010' Outfits photos (2)



Anonymous said...

is Namie flipping us off in the third picture? bad Namie! lol jk, i know this tour just started but I hope they record the DVD towards the beginning when her voice is 100% at its best before she gets a little tired. I also hope they release the DVD in August or something but I know it wont happen. i can dream though! lol

Anonymous said...

Wanna know why her PAST<FUTURE album sales are decreasing !!
I thought when PAST<FUTURE tour started sales will rise up but it was the the opposite.
Right now she 's leading the Oricon ALbum Chart but her sales are deacreasing time by time.

*1 *,558,605 **1,231 PAST<FUTURE / 安室奈美恵 09/12/16
*2 *,524,281 **7,494 BEST SELECTION 2010 / 東方神起 10/02/17
*3 *,507,012 **4,060 ハジマリノウタ / いきものがかり 09/12/23
*4 *,464,707 **8,595 ファンキーモンキーベイビーズBEST / FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 10/02/10
*5 *,426,813 **3,717 5years / 木村カエラ 10/02/03
*6 *,368,782 **1,476 愛すべき未来へ / EXILE 09/12/02 累計1,265,877

Anonymous said...

I honestly think its due to the lack of television performances, she did it with PLAY, and Queen of Hip-Pop, and when she didnt do it with STYLE, it definately showed. and BEST FICTION is a Best album so thats why its sales were high and kept going. but while PF sold more than PLAY, i believe the hype over the album will go down soon, and ultimately the Tour wont have an effect on the sales. maybe if she began touring a month after its release as opposed to 4 months after. I see the album selling until about 600,000 and not going that much higher than that

Anonymous said...

I think is impossible that past future album will maintain the Nº1 position till the end of the year!!!At least hope that it can achieve the top 20 .
wanna see her on tv so madly!!!
Please Namie , why dont you appear 5 times on tv at least in this year !!!!
Miss her already in Music Station , Utaban , HeyHEyHey,etc.

yul2 said...

I hope that Past<Future album can sell at least 700k.
Well I have some doubts , how are her sales in Korea , Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapure ???
It doesnt count it with the japanese sales or are these apart ???
Because if we put it together , can P<F achieve 1 million of sales??
Answers please !!!

A Concerned Namie fan said...

The sale figure is from Oricon, so naturally, the figure only counts for Japan.
The Japanese market is almost equivalent to the combined figure of Taiwan+HK+Korea+Singapore. Thats why people usually focuse on the Oricon chart. Besides, it is relatively more difficult to get the offical data from all those coiuntries.

Pai said...

well, according to Music Japan (http://www.musicjapanplus.jp/news/?action=detail&news_id=4325&start=402), the Album already sold 700k from the 5 different countries, so therefore, it shouldn't be impossible for it to become a million seller internationally!