Monday, October 13, 2008

Some BEST FICTION stuffs from Yahoo Auction

I was bored so went to Yahoo Auction Japan and found some random 'BEST FICTION' related stuffs:

The first two are fanclub tickets for 'BEST FICTION' 2008-2009 and the lower photos are china version of 'BEST FICTION'. It's interesting to see that they actually made a portrait version using those packaging box for DVDs. They even made a bigger and longitudinal booklet! Pretty interesting...



Michael said...

Great, this is wonderful site.
I have stumpled upon here and will be back for more.

Namie is the top idol in Japan.
And yes, there are lots of Namie goodies in Yahoo Japan Auction.


Anonymous said...

that's really cool! i've never seen these kind of things before! it's relly neat!