Saturday, October 11, 2008

Namie NOT included in "a-nation '08" DVD!

According to mu-mo, namie will not be one of the artists featured on [a-nation'08 ~ avex ALL CAST SPECIAL LIVE ~] DVD:

●My Little Lover「白いカイト」
●COLOR「Midnight Call」
●東方神起「Summer Dream」
●Do As Infinity「本日ハ晴天ナリ」
●Every Little Thing「Dear My Friend」
●Every Little Thing「Shapes Of Love」
●globe「Love Again」
●倖田來未「Lady Go!」
●倖田來未「moon crying」
●TRF「Live Your Days EZ DO DANCE」
●TRF「Where to begin」
●浜崎あゆみ タイトル未定 曲数未定
●BRIGHT「One Summer Time」
●5050「Jungle P」
●moumoon「Do you remenber?」
●alan「RED CLIFF ~心・戦~」
●後藤真希「Hear Me」

Very disappointed....



Anonymous said...


namie isn't on the list???

why, she was the artist that everybody was waiting to see!!!! (or I would like to see)

oh Avex Trax is the worst!!!

Anonymous said...

DJ OZMA is not on the list too!

i tried to translate the part that i saw namie's name and it's written that namie and DJ OZMA didn't recorded (recorded what??) because we saw the show of namie on a nation!

ville said...

but luckily maki goto is there but no namie :((

Libertine said...

interesting, then it should be titled as "a-nation 08 ~ avex all cast EXCEPT Namie Amuro"

btw, it's not surprising to me as avex never treat Namie as its own artist.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's busy or something? I hope so...

deana said...

why not????

ohh shit... i want NAMIE in the DVD!!!!! its really disappointed...

i hate avex trax!!

dee-kun said...

How could avex didn't include Namie??? That's the most ridiculous thing they've ever done (since Namie never attend a-nation), and DJ OZMA too!

The tracklist wasn't good either for other singers like ELT not having Atarashii Hibi or Ai Otsuka without ROCKET SNEAKER...I doubt on buying this a-nation...

Anonymous said...

Since Best Fiction sold so well, it's ridiculous that they didn't include Namie. Well, they should expect some quite lower sales.

SUraj said...

omgg. im so shocked. im sure theres some mistake. whats the reason!?? i cant think of ANYTHING... Namie is much much much popular than 90% of the singers on tht tracklist.

Is Avex to blame fr this? but y would they do this? im stunned. im sure some change will still be made. Namie deserves to be on this more than any1. she has the full right to. she has earned it. seriously, takin the popularity and ENORMOUS success of BEST FICTION, who wont notice tht she isnt on the list? this is inexplicable. its bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I read 2 things about why namie is not on the DVD.

the first is that she wasn't on the day that the DVD was recorded, but it's fake because we saw some parts of the show of namie wearing the "GREEN DRESS"

the second is that namie is casted by vision factory not by avex, but.. on her cds come with the AVEX label, and koda kumi comes with Rythm zone label, so why koda is and namie not??

Anonymous said...

yeah , you're right "suraj" , this is unfair to Namie Amuro , she deserves to be on the list!!!!
Maybe some of the artist were jealous of Namie and decided to tell AVEX to not included her.
I dont know!!!!! could it be .....

r said...

I'm so shocked... and pissed... there must be some mistake DX

jeff said...

do you think they will release a dvd of just namie's performances? cause that'd be better than being a compilation dvd

Julie-chan said...

I've read on internet that they excluded Namie 'cause her agency is, in fact, Vision Factory.

Anonymous said...

maybe they will pull an ayu, and release it on another DVD/CD thing. =/ ya never know.

Anonymous said...

but it doesn't make sense take her out just because she isn't casted by avex, so why did avex invited her if they won't put her on the dvd?
Avex always make non sense things!!

Anonymous said...

Namie should transfer labels!!! It's not fair....avex is some kind of weird...very weird!

シア said...

it's nice to see BRIGHT on the list but why no Namie. :(

yanik said...

Yeah, I really hate Avex now. I hope their sales will be low enough to make them realize that Namie is their biggest star and the most favourable singer. I was thinking previosly about buying this DVD because of Namie's appearance, but now I'm definetely not buying it.

Anonymous said...

yanik i agree with you i was up to buy the special edition too, because of namie (koda comes as a bonus hehehe), but after this i won't buy this thing! and hope it won't appear on the oricon dvd top!

Amy said...

@o@ I always thought that Amuro Namie was with Avex... since some of her music videos were labled Avex Trax
I think this is so unfair for Namie... they invited Namie to a-nation 08 cuz her BEST FICTION sold so well (they're using her!!!)
The stupid thing is that they didn't include her in the DVD!!! that's stupid, ppl wanted to buy the DVD cuz Amuro Namie was in it (well not all ppl but at least her fans right?)
now the DVD won't sale well >_<"

habelie said...

I do think there must be some proper reason...don't start hating on avex so quickly when there's no official statement(I suppose). They, of all people, do recognise Namie's popularity, and definitely don't want to be boycotted by fans XD I'm shocked too...maybe it's not finalised?? :/ Really want to watch Namie on a-nation >.<