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Namie on "Entertainment @ Asia" Translated in English

Here's a full interview from namie on 'Entertainment @ Asia' when she's in Taiwan recently. I did a full translation on the interview for everyone's convenience sake.

Narrator: -Introduction-

-Previews of interview-

Patty: April this year, a super star will be having her concerts in Taiwan. and she's in this career for 16 years. Being in any career for 16 years is already a difficult task to do but she successfully created her own influence. A goddess in many people's eyes, Amuro Namie. Welcome to Taiwan!

Patty: Very shy! We seen her on stage with very powerful performances but in private, every time i saw her, she's always very shy and humble. But i know, since she was born in okinawa, she's not like typical kid from tokyo or big cities. So i would like to ask amuro namie did okinawa have any influences on her?

Namie: It's very different from Tokyo, it's a very relaxing life style. At the same time, you can also do anything you wished to do, looking for things you wanted to do. Therefore, that's how i found out what i loved doing there. With friends that have the same dream, we enjoyed singing and dancing in our own time, really...... For me, that is the time where i started to have my own dream, a place to chase after my dream .

Patty: Yes. It's because of amuro namie, a lot people started to notice okinawa. You mentioned before, since debuting at very young, the childhood you can enjoy is very limited...and i read informations that you walked all the way to school! Everybody don't know that she needed to walk 90mins to reach school. Is it tough on your stamina? Or did you get your stamina from that?!

Namie: That school is a place where they trained artists. There are many who wanted to be singer there. Compared to classmates in school, friends i met there talked about their dreams a lot. In that very important time and place, when there's troubling time and problems now, i will always looked back to that time thinking how much have i done to fulfill my dream and the time i spent with my okinawa friends, supported me a lot.

Patty. So is there any time when you have very tough days, or poor family background that cause you to walk all the way to school?

Namie: I don't really walked to school all the time because there's friend that lived close by. When waiting for bus to go home, we always chatted about dancing & singing. Without noticing, we over chatted. It's like while chatting and walking on way to the bus stop. But after we chat and chat for way over 3 hours, we realized that we are so over-joyed that we walked all the way home instead (laugh). Maybe it's because we have so much passion and devotion to our dream that we don't really care how much or how long we have walked, we just happy to be chatting about it...

Patty: Oh! For us, we don't talked about dreams like that, we talked about love!!

Namie: (laugh) I think that happened too!

Patty: Is it a guy who walked to school with u?!?

Namie: Nope! A girl... (laugh)

Patty: Oh... I thought that you can only walked that happily with a guy. If I'm with a girl, i think most probably should go up the bus by then! (laugh)

Namie. (laugh) I also think it's better to walk with a guy...(laugh)

Patty. Yes yes!... As I know, you debuted at 14, it's different from most young idols who wanted a 'superstar dream'. Other than your dream, do you have any pressure from family, making this dream of being a singer not as simple as before?

Namie: Actually, my reason is very simple in the beginning, is to become well-known and able to have my own concerts. But at the start, i'm not alone... we debuted as a 5 person group. Even we are not yet well-known, but when we are living together, we not only talked about in love, we also talked a lot about our dreams. As long as we are together, we always felt courageous and if i started solo, there will be also many problems that will make me struggle. So debuting in a group with other members, it makes me felt stronger. We are still young back then, eventually when the things we loved to do became a job or career, many hardships will come along. So it's not only one person but every members giving support to each other. I felt very lucky.

Patty: Yup.. I think many moments in life, friends are very important. But when you became famous, is it difficult to make new friends?

Namie: Actually i never thought of whether is it difficult or not......... I will try to make new friends (lost in thoughts) If there's time, will go out together. In private i will also be really happy...(lost in thought again) So there's no problem...(laugh)

Patty: But i heard she only have 5... her friends' numbers, she only have 5 is it? 51 ! Her mobile phone only have 51 numbers!

Namie: Oh.... Really?! (laugh)

Patty: We investigated! Hahaha...scary isn't it?

Namie: Half of them are from my company's colleagues (laugh) Yes... you all are incredible! (laugh) [i think she looking at her manager thinking "you betrayed me!"]

Patty: The rest, 20+ are numbers from restaurant right? (laugh) Easy for advance booking right?

Namie. You are right!!(laugh) But there's still a few friends, really just a few. (laugh) Actually, the people i worked with, they can't talk with me naturally. Once i talk with them, they always become very nervous! "I'm talking with a singer! I'm talking with an artist!" so they become nervous. That's why sometimes it's diffcult to make friends.

Patty: Very cute! Even though you saw her glamorous glow on stage but in real life, her innocent and shyness, are totally the opposite! Now let's take a look at her glamorous glow on stage.

Patty: Oh! Sexy!! (laugh) You see! She's so shy in real life! So embarrassed when we talked about her! But on stage she's really sexy and powerful. Why there's such a difference? Or do you think you are more comfortable on stage?

Patty: So, regarding her style, where's her inspirations from ?

Namie: Every time when I'm doing styling, I'll always discuss with my stylist. Then we will come up with lots of ideas. Most of the time it's only like this.

Patty: E.g Make-up, which part of your face do you go specifically for?

Namie: Actually, I never really stress on any part however I'm not really fond of Mascara and nails polish. But when my stylist is doing an image for me, even for work, I'll say 'I don't want any mascara!' My stylist will say 'No!' and still put them on me! Some girls like to use nail polish but sometimes I just can't sit still and will rub & play with my nails... but recently I'm used to it already. So now I'll say to my stylist 'Please make me beautiful!'. (laugh)

Patty: Let's see whether did she spoiled those nails? (Then she touched namie's nails) nice... Ask her if she likes to put shiny stuffs on her nails?

Namie: I don't really do shiny stuffs because they'll get ruined by me.

Patty: Oh... I see. So she really preferred being natural. Not too much make-up. But now, being famous, do you have trouble doing shopping? Where do you go for shopping and do you do online shopping too?

Namie: Actually I don't go out often. If I want to buy somethings, I'll either go very early when there's not much people or ask a favor from my stylist! (laugh)

Patty: Since you already have problems doing shopping and going out but i remembered years back when you came to Taiwan, you were interviewed by Xiao S (another tv hostess) and they invited you for clubbing. You remember? Did you go? Will you still go now to dance?

Namie: I went! (Laugh)

Patty: Did she made you drunk?!?!?

Namie: I did drank but no until drunk! (laugh)

Patty: Will you still go now?

Namie: Not really.

Patty: Hmm... So what do you do in your free time?

Namie: Hmm... I spent most of my time watching TV at home.(laugh) And i have dogs, so i played with them and take them for walk... i think that's all. Like a no-life person!(laugh)

Patty: I see. The in-door type... very good! Quite boring also but this time you came to Taipei and lots and lots of fans have questions for you as well. Take a look.

Fans: What you like to do in your free time? How much time you spend on your make-up and maintence? If your child wish to enter the showbiz, will you object? Since you have many styles, do you still want to change style? What do you like to do with your dogs? Will you talk to them when you feel down? How do you take care of your beautiful legs? Did you consider cutting your hair short since you have very long hair for so long? How do you take care of your hair. Which products do you want to be the spoke person for?

Patty: There's a lot qustions for namie. Her legs are very very long and beautiful and she wears very high heels often. How do you take care of your legs?

Namie: I went for legs therapy treatment recently.

Patty: Do you heard methods of bring your legs up-side down?

Namie: Oh.. no.

Patty: Sigh, can't help it when you are born with it. Let me tell you if you want to maintain those legs, you can invert your legs up and it really help slim down my legs! All the best ok?(laugh) Second question. I heard namie's chinese and they sounded pretty good! Let us teach her how to say 'gou gou' (dog).

Namie: Gou Gou!(laugh)

Patty: Kawaii ne! Ok! Fans want to ask you what did you normally do with your 'gou gou' dogs?

Namie: Hmm... really nothing much... I sometimes read mangas...

Translator: She asking about your dogs....

Namie: Oh! Dogs?! (break out into embarrassing laughter)

Translator: She thought you asked her what she did in her free time? I told her it's what she did with her dogs.

Namie: !! for my dogs... I take them for walks and played with them (laugh) that's all (laugh).

Patty: Will she talk to her dogs?

Namie: Hui! (Can/Ya in chinese) I'll talk to them about what happened today and problems i faced! (laugh)

Patty: Isn't it! They answer you back right?!

Namie: No no no!

Patty: Ya! That will be scary right? (laugh) Ok next question. What products do you want to be the spoke person for?

Namie: Not really.

Patty: ? no? Nothing you preferred ? Cuz being a spoke person means they will give you unlimited products. Do you have any products you want to use?

Namie: I never really thought of that. Really.

Patty: For me i want cup noodles, drinks, detergent, air-conditioner...I can do anything! thank you! (laugh) I'll share with you then ok? Last question! How do you take care of you hair? Will you cut your hair? I think she answered no before so...

Namie: For maintenance of my hair... I never preferred to use anything products but mainly those that suits me. I actually never do much special maintenance.

Patty: We are very happy to have Miss Amuro Namie here because she giving us a one hour exclusive interview. So we can see her again in April on stage but because we haven't seen her for a long time, we will like to ask her to say some words to her fans in Taiwan.

Namie: Hai. I'm very happy to be able to hold my concert in Taiwan again. And I can't wait for the concert day to come. As for my concert, I felt very excited about it and hope that everyone can have fun with the concert together.

Patty: Today after chatting with her, we can feel her sincerity, her cuteness, knowing that what she has today is not created just by a day. She's also someone who cannot be replaced. She will always be the goddess in our hearts.

Namie: Thank you.

Patty: Next time when we're free let's go clubbing together ok?

Namie: Sure. (laugh)



Nadia said...

thank you for the translation!
great job!
just one thing: when she said "walked 3 hours", it was mistakenly put as "30 minutes" in the subtitle.

Anonymous said...

such a nice person! yea!

Anonymous said...

She always says English phrases in her songs... does she understand english? I want to hear someone interview her in English. :)

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版主你好,我很喜歡你的Blog,這篇你翻譯"娛樂@亞洲"的訪談文章,想請問你是否能讓我"轉載"翻譯內容?我想將英文對話Key進影片,寄給我一位國外的朋友看 :)