Monday, February 18, 2008

Hide & Seek (Live Ver.) from PLAY TOUR 2007

Here's the video of 'Hide & Seek' from NAMIE AMURO PLAY TOUR 2007:

The download links at NNN Forum.

I must say, even though 'Hide & Seek' was not my favorite song/live performance, the version from PLAY tour totally blows me off! That's what namie is capable of and why I loved her so much. That woman never fails to amaze me!

thanks [budonkadonk] for the video


Patrick said...

NEW LOOK = #53 on TOKIO HOT 100!

MayMay said... fast wor. thanks for the clip. ほんとうありがとうがざいましゅ.

MayMay said...

Erh....the 2 DL is the same.

bomaj said...

great perf! but why is the stage so small

Anonymous said...

her living was on tune and clear

Anonymous said...

she seemed like she was struggling during the main part of the song...maybe she was tired, i mean who wouldnt when your dancing and singing at the same time

Anonymous said...

Namie it is amazing, You who are fans to rest to namie on everything And not to criticize

Anonymous said...

NAMIES the greatest!
she might have been nervous in the beginning.. after all she just started