Sunday, February 17, 2008

Namie is #8 at CDTV Poll

Namie is at #8 in 'Female Artists to be my girlfriend' 2008 poll:

01. YUI
02. Mochida Kaori (ELT)
03. Otsuka Ai
04. Ishikawa Rika
05. Hamasaki Ayumi
06. Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume)
07. Abe Natsumi
08. Amuro Namie
09. Yoshizara Hitomi
10. Kumi Koda
11. Tanaka Reina (Morning Musume)
12. hiroko (mihimaru GT)
13. BoA
14. Kamei Eri (Morning Musume)
15. ayaka
16. Kawashima Ai
17. Aragaki Yui
18. Niigaki Risa (Morning Musume)
19. aiko
20. Nakagawa Shoko

At 30, namie is still chosen as 'girlfriend' material for Japanese guys, for me is a bit weird... :P



Anonymous said...

Does this available for DL?

Anonymous said...

Interestinghtr post

Pedro said...

But she looks like she's 16! *o* hahahaha Namie is so cute, can't believe she's 30

She looks younger and fresher everyday! *¬*

Patrick said...

Just giving you a heads up, NEW LOOK debuted on the TOKIO HOT 100 this week at #53!!!

I am freaking out!

Anonymous said...

Nothing is wrong with 30 na (^.^) some ppl get more beautiful with age.

「TKJA」 said...

Yeah wat anonymous said lol
But Ayu is 29 and she still made it up their too and she to me looks older than Namie! ^^ hehehe