Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'CAN YOU CELEBRATE? feat. 葉加瀬太郎' music video

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Carolina said...

I love Namie's voice, And I really love this new Compilation album. She looked really beautiful (as always)
The Dress is really what I have dreamed for myself If I ever get married.
I just think that this is such a miss opportunity to become one of her greatest videos. In my opinion, she should be first standing on a "tsuki"- like place, then walking trough a "baby don't cry"-like park, to finished in a beautiful entrance, where we could assume the wedding will be. Everything in real locations (no blue screen crap, please)... and, more happy (like she was in the last minute of this video) all with the same colors used on this video. that would be perfection.
This video is good, but the whole "let's shoot walking out of stage with impossible to handle shoes" thing, really took me out of the atmosphere created at first