Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Album 2012/6/27 Coming soon!

2012/6/27 ON SALE


・ONLY YOU(new song)
・Hot Girls(new song)
・In The Spotlight(TOKYO) (new song)
・Let' s Go (new song)
・Go Round
・Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!
・Love Story
・Fight Together
・Break It
・Get Myself Back

13 songs in total

ONLY YOU (Music Video)
Hot Girls (Music Video)
In The Spotlight (Tokyo) (Music Video)
Let's Go (Music Video)
Go Round (Music Video)
YEAH-OH (Music Video)
Love Story (Music Video)
NAKED (Music Video)
Tempest (Music Video)
Break It (Music Video)
Get Myself Back (Music Video)

11 Music videos in total



Anonymous said...

Curse my luck for not living in Japan!! I want this album on the first day! This is seriously a SOLID release amd it should sell more than a million copies! SUPPORT NAMIE!!!!

Minako said...

Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

YAY for new album but BOO for only 4 new songs. past future only had one single wild/dr. and everything was new material. this album has 4 double A side singles. it seems like they put the album together in a rush. maybe thats why go round/yeah-oh single didn't do so well because everyone knew an album was about to be released so they decided to wait. shrughs i'm still getting it though.

Anonymous said...

Damn you avex! Only 4 new songs. Higher should be included. I would pay just for that.
This is more like a single collection! But I'm still hoping that this can achieve million selling. I hope...

Anonymous said...

wikipedia says album release in JULY?!?!?! who has the typo????

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