Tuesday, December 27, 2011

'namie amuro LIVE STYLE 2011' Week 1 Sales

安室奈美恵 - 'namie amuro LIVE STYLE 2011'

DVD Position: #1

Week 1: 77,866
Total: 77,866

Blu-ray Position: #3

Week 1: 21,911
Total: 21,911



Boma said...


Anonymous said...

did anyone else notice namie giving the middle finger during the rock u performance. is that part of the dance? i never noticed it in the past future performance.

Anonymous said...

i noticed that too. seems out of character for her.

Anonymous said...

just noticed that past < future sold more in the first week. i'm gonna wait until the hong kong version comes out since it cheaper, but does it goes towards her sales???

Anonymous said...

I noticed that too, as the music goes on rock style. She did it in PF tour as well but she had Yusuke cover it up a bit while he stand in front of her.

Anonymous said...

it is out of her character but she is trying different music and im guessing is part of the dance she isn't that type of person or artist. and yea Yusuke covered it and in this tour u could of notice it more than past<future

Jo said...

I'm sure it's just some part of the choreography. I can't imagine that Namie would really flicking off her audience.