Saturday, December 3, 2011

'GINZA' December 2011



jt said...

Ohhh she looks so cute!! Lovin the hair!! Do you think she cut her hair or its a wig? After the backlash she got for cutting her hair the first time around (181920 era), I always wondered if she would attempt to change her hair again.

Also, Namie has been removed from US iTunes. Has anyone else noticed this? They pretty much had her entire catalogue up to Play and Break It single. I just went to iTunes and she's been completely removed! She even had a background picture for her page! This is why I'm not participating in Apple's iCloud service: the music in your iCloud library corresponds with their iTunes library, so if a song or album is removed from iTunes (for whatever reason) you no longer have it in your iCloud library. Sooooooo, all your Namie music you've bought on iTunes would be deleted from your iCloud library because she's been removed from iTunes.

r said...

It's a wig :). She still has long hair in her recent tour photos and DVD cover. I very much doubt she'll cut her hair anytime soon to be honest.

Also, I love this photoshoot a lot! Very different for her and it looks cool.

As for the iTunes thing, I don't use iTunes so I'm no help lol... maybe someone else will comment on that...?

jt said...

Thanks for updating with more pictures from the photoshoot!

@r: thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

OMG this is amazing!! I love it!