Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Coca-cola Zero 2011 campaign images



Anonymous said...

Looks like coca cola got themselves an officail Japanese star to promote their products in Japan. I was sure they would eventually change the commercials up but I was wrong, not a bad thing though, I enjoy her coke commercials and dance routines, also this could mean we will get a new single, however IDK as Break It had 2 commercials. And I also heard she is releasing an actual album now, not a collaboration, and it will be titled Moonlight? lol I'm not sure if its true though, probably a rumor, who knows only time will tell.

But back on topic Namie is so cute in that last picture, she looks so fun and happy :) great pics Coca Cola, props

Anonymous said...

^ They also use the same commercials for other places in Asia as well. When I went to Taiwan, they were playing her commercials too ^^ And she was also on the vending machines there too.

Anonymous said...

the 1st one does not look like her may be because of her hair

but the last picture....that's namie