Saturday, October 23, 2010

Namie resumed touring on Oct 19th, Osaka

Having been diagnosed with vocal cord inflammation, Namie had to postpone her performances in Tokyo in October 14th and 15th. However, it has now been announced that she will be resuming her tour from today, October 19th at the Osaka International Convention Center (GRAND CUBE OSAKA).

She announced the news on her tour-limited mobile blog on October 18th, beginning with the apology: "I am deeply sorry for the cancellation of the performances on October 14th and 15th. To everyone who took the trouble coming to the show, and everyone, who looked forward to it: I am very sorry." She then continued to explain: "This was the first time for me (that something happened like that), and although I put a lot of effort in trying out on both days, I was forced to abandon the idea as a final result."

As she has undergone treatment and rest, she was able to restore her energy. From 19th Oct onwards, Namie will be taking up performances again and added with great enthusiasm: "All I can do is to give my utmost for the remaining concerts. I hope that from tomorrow, until the very last day everyone every one can enjoy the concerts together fully."



Angeline08 said...

nothing important than own health!
take care !!

Anonymous said...

you are fantastic namie
take care!

kuroyami ryuhime said...

Get well soon, we will always love u

jt said...

I'm so glad she's recovered!! We love you!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care about her concert, I care about her health. But I'm glad she's okay and I hope she take it easy in her tour.


Lai Mei said...

You are so great, Namie. Take care and we enjoy every of your song and your dance! Support you forever^^

Dorcas from Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

Get Well Soon and Take Care Namie

Namie Go! Go!

Anonymous said...

girl, you gotta rest. us fans don't mind the wait!