Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New 2010 Double A-side single coming soon...

Double A-Side Single
「Break It / Get Myself Back」
2010.7.28 Release
avex trax

CD+DVD:¥1,890(tax in)
CD:¥1,050(tax in)

<CD 収録内容>
Break It ※コカ・コーラ ゼロ TVCMソング
Get Myself Back

Break It(MV)
Get Myself Back(MV)

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Anonymous said...

yeeeeaaaah! :D new single! <3333 cant wait for it!

Yanik said...

oh, yes!!! two music videos! :D

Anonymous said...

Called it! :D

Also, two new music videos?! Awesome!

Also--so glad that these songs (according to what little I've heard of them, anyway xD) aren't in that techno-y style Namie's trying out. xD Namie...go back to urban...

Rhiza said...

i like her voice the best naturally without the autotunes and layerings. I hope Break it has the awesome beats in the commercial. I can't wait! :D Namie you are the best artist in Asia!

kiyoikou said...

Oooh 2 new music videos are coming~~~~

魏比利(Billy) said...

Cant Wait!