Sunday, December 13, 2009

Listen to 'Past < Future' album on youtube

You can now listen to 'Past < Future' on youtube before they are taken down:

01. FAST CAR [Listen]
02. COPY THAT [Listen]
03. LOVE GAME [Listen]
04. Bad Habit [Listen]
05. Steal my Night [Listen]
07. WILD [Listen]
08. Dr. [Listen]
09. Shut Up [Listen]
10. MY LOVE [Listen]
11. The Meaning Of Us [Listen]
12. Defend Love [Listen]

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Anonymous said...

Love it .. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

oh my godddddd. first timer. is fantastic.

QueenNamie said...

Best studio album of the year

Iris said...

I think they slowed down WILD for the album seems about half a beat slower than the single version I have, much less up-tempo.

Anonymous said...

this is the best album from namie!
all the songs sound great. cant wait to grab a copy

Anonymous said...

i just downloaded the album its amazing but im still ganna buy the album and support namie .. :)

brackdiamon4lyfe said...

You can also use

Amura said...

okay, i have to listen to it for some more times until i can say its better or the best album by hers. it kinda lacks those extreme catchy songs which immidiately get stuck in your brain, for me at least.

nhialicious said...

wow, finally I can hear all of Namie songs , thank you very much