Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New songs airing on 'J-WAVE' *updated*

J-WAVE 「GROOVE LINE」 will be airing a new song from Namie new album 'PAST < FUTURE' on the 24th Nov.

*Updates* Namie Amuro official website announced that J-WAVE will be airing "The Meaning of Us" on 23 Nov and "FAST CAR" on 24 Nov!



Jennifer♥ said...

Eeeeeep!! i can't wait, I bet the covers will look amazing I hope there will be a photo book! Can't wait to her the new song!

Anonymous said...

cant u listen to j-wave station on its homepage? cant wait for the new song and cover, if i can listen pls reply

Anonymous said...

OMG FAST CAR. morbidly curious about the meaning of us too.

r said...

I hope that means we're getting the videos soon.