Thursday, October 22, 2009

安室奈美恵 NEW ALBUM (16 Dec 2009)

Namie Amuro official website announced the release of her 8th studio album on the 16th of December 2009! The album will have CD-only and CD+DVD version. It contains 12 tracks in total with 6 promotion videos in the DVD:
NEW ALBUM (No title yet)
avex trax
First Press: Digi-Pack Slip

・CD+DVD:¥3,990(tax in)
・CD:¥3,059(tax in)

・MY LOVE ※FASHION×MUSIC×Vidal Sassoonキャンペーンソング
・COPY THAT! ※FASHION×MUSIC×Vidal Sassoonキャンペーンソング
・Steal my night
・Shut Up
・The Meaning Of Us
・Defend Love


他 計6曲予定

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Larek said...

can't wait for the new PVs!!!! any date?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait either! YAY! but im a little scared about the LOVE GAME song, now every GAGA FANATIC is going to be attacking Namie like crazy! so Namie Fans be ready to defend her! lol hope the PVS are awsome! and I'm happy she added both WILD and Dr. but what happend to 60s70s80s??? oh well come on December 16!

jt said...

I'm excited she's releasing a new album. I never understand Japanese releases. They release 4 singles from a distant future album, which you buy, then the album comes out with only 7 new songs (unless you're Ayumi, then three new songs and a bunch of instrumentals *rolling eyes*). I like Wild/Dr., but they're 7 months old! I'll just end up listening to the new material.

Anonymous said...

wild and dr r there b/c there d most recent ones. and yea gaga fans r going to argue but that songs is really good for namie b/c she sings that kind of music like violet sauce and all of that. exotic music type. namie is way better than lady gaga

Anonymous said...

oh my god ... i think it's tooo soooonnn ... NAmie needs to rest ;D

zahra said...

Wow, I didn't expect a new album this year. Awesome, I'm so excited to hear new material.

Yanik said...

yes. yes. fucking yes!!!
6 videos, meaning 4 new!! ^___________^

Anonymous said...

I'm worried - why did they have to label it LOVE GAME? I usually like how original Namie's titles are...but I'm more excited for new material! Yay Namie!

r said...

It's not like LOVE GAME is the most original title for a song - she may not even know the song by GaGa. Song titles get repeated all the time :p

I'm curious as to what the overall sound of the album will be (since it starts with WILD and Dr. which are more electronic-ish). I kinda don't know what to expect, but I'm still excited! Can't wait to see the covers and videos :D

manuel said...

NEW MATERIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't Wait untill December !!! *0* !!!

the Titles of all the songs are Amazing (well LOVE GAME is very Popular) and as always the album will be very catchy.

CAN'T Wait !!!!!! *0* !

Anonymous said...


Yanik said...

why there are 12 songs in the tracklist?

Anonymous said...

Namie mostly has about 12 on her albums recently, Queen of Hip-Pop and PLAY, but at least there are 10 new tracks and 4 new PVs! I just hope there is that one song like No, just like Top Secret was the No of her PLAY album

Anonymous said...

10 new songs is A LOT. Be happy about that. Many things on this album will be like a fresh start for her.

Hannah said...

how many artists have a same title on songs? and it's not even gonna be fight between namie and gaga. it's gonna be between fans. why fans can't just understand that this "OMG SAME TITLE ON THE SONGS!!11" is just a childish thing. Namie and Gaga would even care about if they both have "love game" song. They make own music, they have own style etc etc. So fans should respect both artist!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hannah thats what I said! GAGA fans are gonna attack Namie and Namie fans are gonna defend her! not the 2 are attacking eachother! I really dont care if Namie makes a song called love game, and Gaga is good 2, but if you look on youtube recently every Asain artist is being compared to Gaga although they were there first, and now Namie will be compared to her, thats all I was saying

asva said...

Namie new album!
Can´t wait for it!

I just hope for another songs with her new electro-dance style like Wild and very good lyrics like Dr, without forget her rock style like she did with her modified songs in Best Fiction Tour, i`ve loved them all!

It´s been announced 12 songs when only shows 11 in tracklist...
Maybe 12 is a bonus track...?

brackdiamon4lyfe said...

Who gives a shit about Lady Gaga fans. Why are you so worried? The fact that they are Lady Gaga fans in the first place, and then would talk shit about Namie just because of a song name says enough on it's own.

manuel said...

Well, if Gaga's fans say something bad about it, I will be there to support Namie!

Go Namie Go xD!

Anonymous said...

You know - it's possible that some people like both Namie and Gaga, so I don't see the point in putting fans against each other. Plus, I doubt most people who like Lady Gaga know who Namie is, just because Americans don't know much about the Japanese music scene in general.