Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fanspace vol.25

Here are scans of namie amuro official magazine 'Fanspace' Vol.25:

scanned by [安室小公主]


Anonymous said...

love the pics! still waiting to look on this blog and see DVD news! lol I've noticed in some shows the outfits are different

Anonymous said...

Aww she was in Oita >_< I used to live right next to that town. Can't wait for the concert DVD to come out. I heard she will be doing a-nation again this year too O_O hope she gets some rest. It's really taking a toll on her voice, which definitely hasn't been sounding so good recently. Hope the concert DVD will be one of the fresher performances, although I guess that would mean no WILD/Dr.

0712 said...

hello, where you are located at? reason asking because being a huge namie fan located in the USA, I have no idea if i will receive the fans space magazine if i join the fan club. Do you have any info on that? i would so join but i dont know if i'm not living in asia would there be any problems.

Thanks alot!

UH+ said...

^ You need to be living in Japan to be able to join the fan club. Taiwan is the only overseas places outside Japan that Visionfactory allow people to join the fan club and they will receive the magazine.

Other than that, there's no other way unless you can bid them on yahoo auction Japan.

Anonymous said...

Do you have all the FanSpace?
from Vol. 1 and so on?

0712 said...

I see! So my best solution is to have someone in TW locally so they can receive the fanspace magazine for me? btw I gotta say you do a great job on this blog, not only the info, but the design also. I'm a web/graphic designer and I think your work is amazing!

I went to the Best Fiction concert in yoyogi in april, and i flew back to tw over the weekend to enjoy the concerts, i really cant get over the fact that it is so damn good! living in the states kinda sucks when trying to catch namie news and products, good thing there is your blog! i'm definitely gonna look into that fan club and join it asap.

One more question, do you have any idea where I can get all the past fanspace? even checking yahoo I don't seem to find it.

Thanks for your help, excuse my super long essay.