Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vidal Sassoon 70's Namie Barbie doll

Here are some pictures of the official Vidal Sassoon Namie Amuro 70's Barbie doll:

taken from amuronline.blogspot


patricia said...

Ah! I want one!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to get one of these?

Anonymous said...

it doesn't look like Namie-chan at all...><

the only good thing is the clothes >w<

Lin lin <3 said...

agree. doesn't look like namie chan at all.

wish it can look a lot like her than i would really really want one!!

why don't they make one in the "red dress" from what the feeling video? it's soo cute~ my favorite look from 60s70s80s

Anonymous said...

Pretty :3
But, wtf, she's not white XD'