Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"WILD/Dr." Week 3 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "WILD/Dr."

Position: #11

Week 3: 8,704
Total: 102,156

"WILD/Dr." reached the 100,000 mark this week!



Anonymous said...

I'm happy it's selling so well even if it hasn't been promoted as much as many of her previous singles.

Anonymous said...

Very proud of Namie! ^_^ i love this singlE!

Suraj said...

really glad its crossed 100k! i reallyyy wish it was promoted more! Want Me Want Me and Girl Talk and all made 100k after weeekss of promotion. So this is incredible!

Anonymous said...

this is great! especially she have to compete in the tough week against all other new comer!