Wednesday, February 18, 2009

'WOOFIN' girl' April 2009

Here are the high-quality scans of 'WOOFIN' girl' March 09 issue:

scans by [NATE] @


Anonymous said...

THESE R BEAUTIFUL! lol and u can see her feet for once! ahh! lol

Anonymous said...

so beautiful, all of them, but my favorite are the one with the black hat, she look gorgeous!

r said...

Woot! Very pretty! I'm a little puzzled though as to why her wrist tattoos aren't there (since the ones on her arm are). Nice photoshoot though :D

muse said...


This is soooo cool&gorgeous!!

I luv it > <

Anonymous said...

Do you translate the interviews? And if it is like that where they are? It is that I do not have anything of I have not even Japanese's idea XD. I would like to know what they put, thank you. Congratulation you are doing a good work, it is very good the blog. ^^

Sapphire said...

Beautiful photos, Namie is sublime ! And on some images, for once, she is not wearing boots!

Elle est beeeeeeellee (*___*)

Danielle J said...

these pics remind me of the song "Pretty Woman" from the movie XD

Anonymous said...

The black tophat pics are my favourites.

The whole outfit is such a different look for Amuro. ;)

Anonymous said...

She's so cool. ^^
And yay! Her signature is so cool! Her English writing is neater than mine though :P