Tuesday, January 27, 2009


For the month of February, I decided to continue the 60s70s80s trend and go with 80s 'WHAT A FEELING', mainly because I ran out of ideas... :P

Nothing much actually, just changed the color design to mostly red/brown and put up the Vidal Sassoon 80s CM. I felt like putting the new 'Bourgeois Gorgeous' CM instead but since my way of doing the themes is not to follow the latest trend, so the 80s CM will do fine...

Yesterday is also the first day of Chinese New Year! (having fun visiting relatives yesterday ^_^) So that's one more reason to make NNN red because Chinese symbolizes red as prosperous and good luck!

So wish every Chinese, including myself, a Happy Chinese New Year!





Anonymous said...

happy chinese new year!
and i love love love
this new theme!
i love namie's hair in here!
best color!

zahra said...

Happy chinese New Year!

I love your themes. If your going to have voting for favorite theme again, it going hard to pick one only.

Anonymous said...

I like the new theme!
You should do the show girl and bourgeois gorgeous theme as well later on. :9

ikorn said...

新年快樂 !!!
新正如意新年發財 !!!

r said...

Love the colors ^^
You should do the show girl and bourgeois gorgeous theme as well later on. :9 [2]

And Happy Chinese New Year ^_^

jt said...

he already did a show girl theme. to continue in her singles next would be sexy girl or bourgeois gorgeous.

great job with the new layout! what font is that? i love it!

Sakura said...

happy chinese new year!!!

and btw please, could you upload those outtakes pics from WAF & Rock Steady?

Thanks in advance ^^

Your blog rocks!

Zeny said...

Love the theme. thanks for taking ur time to make it.