Saturday, November 15, 2008

Namie on various Oricon Nov 2008 polls

Oricon held a "Favorite artist of 2008" poll voted by 20,000 people and namie was ranked #7, a huge rise from #21 in 2007:

Two weeks ago namie was also ranked #1 on 2008 "Boots Beauty", which is her second consecutive #1 on this poll. It was mentioned that Namie was the most suited celebrity towards boots because her feet are thin which helps make boots match her well, and that it was fantastic that she could dance in them:

Namie was also voted #3 on "Faces which women want to become". Namie was known for her 'palm-sized' small face that always makes her looked young:

Oricon & it's polls -_-; I actually felt rather reluctant to update all these constantly appearing polls one by one so I decided to update them all at one go... Sorry for being damn lazy! :P



Julie-chan said...

I'm kind of lazy to update my blog with this polls... there are so many!!!

Luck I'm not the only one who takes care of the blog =D

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting! i love hearing about namie whatever it may be, especially since she's unknown in america