Saturday, November 1, 2008

More photos from 'BEST FICTION TOUR! (2)

A lot more photos taken from Nov 1 'BEST FICTION TOUR' in Hokkaido:

All 8 outfits in appearing order:



meroko said...

LOVE her outfits!
She looks gorgeos in them!! And I'm so happy to see her smiling a lot in the photos! <3

Zenaida said...

I really want to c her concert. Anyone have a link where I can c it. I cant find it on youtube.

Suraj said...

ive never seen her this happy at a concert before! shes smiling soo much. everythings suits her so well. im dying to see her What A Feeling performance. just DYING.

Julie-chan said...

So CUTE!!!!!!!!! Namie is so cute!


Loved the new look outfit.. it's perfect!!!

Of course she's smiling... she is happy! Who wouldn't be happy with all those great stuffs happenig in your life?


dee-kun said...

Wow her outfits are amazing, a great line up Ms, Amuro!
She chose mostly black, and I think it looks cool on her!!!!

And she smiles so often!!!! Good News

Amuro said...

Yum! All I can say.

Nels said...

wow she look happy in every fucking pictures so COOOOL