Sunday, October 5, 2008

Visionfactory 'Kids Dancer Audition'

Namie's management company, Visionfactory is going to hold an audition for kids dancer and according to the promotion pamphlet, namie maybe one of the judges for this audition:



Anonymous said...

really? she's will be the judge?
im waiting for that!
i added namie's facebook that you created by the way! XD

Anonymous said...

Well to bad I'm not a kid anymore, It will be really kool to meet Amuro chan in person. ^^

Anonymous said...

i remembered that show that she went when she was a kid it was tooooooooo funny, that little japanese boy trying to see himelf on the tv, and namie doing a cute dance ^^, and SHE WON that thing!!!!!!!!
and after a long time they showed that for her, she laught a lot!!

Suraj said...

this is cool :P