Friday, October 24, 2008

BEST FICTION tour goodies list (Updated)

A few days ago, Visionfactory posted a list of BEST FICTION tour goodies for mobile download:

★パンフレット 3,000円 全编撮りおろしのパンフレット。
(Tour pamphlet)

★マフラータオル 1,500円 星が散りばめられたCUTEなタオル。
(Tower with cute design filled with stars)

★レディースTシャツ 4,000円 ネクタイモチーフのピンクのリボンがポイント。柔らかく肌触りが良い素材。
(Female T-shirt with pink butterfly bow tie)

★Tシャツ 4,500円 奈美恵ちゃんの颜がTシャツ全体にプリントされた、アートなTシャツ。1枚1枚手作业で行われた特殊プリント。
(T-shirt printed with namie's faces)

★BOXティッシュケース 2,000円 大きなピンクのリボンが特徴。
(Tissue box with butterfly bow tie)

★ポーチ 2,500円 プレゼントのようなリボンモチーフポーチ。
(Cosmetic box with butterfly bow tie)

★プックリシール 500円 60's、70's、80'sの奈美恵ちゃんキャラクターと今回のライブに欠かせない小物达のシール。携帯に贴れる大きさ。
(Stickers of 60s70s80s namie designs)

★フィギュアストラップ 60's/70's/80's 各1,000円 60's、70's、80'sの奈美恵ちゃんフィギュア付きストラップ。
(Mobile phone straps with 60s70s80s designs):

There are still more goodies like calendar, posters and drinking glasses...



Sarah said...

I'm so jealous~
Those keychains look so cute.
I really wish I could go to one of Namie's shows. xD;

Sushik said...

Where could I found it in pariiiis??

Anonymous said...

Oooh it's all butterfly themed! I wonder why?..

Julie-chan said...


hummmm... I hope they use them in a different way

I WANT THE GOODIES!!!!!!! need a contact in Japan to buy for me T___Tv

Suraj said...

haaahhaha, theyre all cute :P

Orenji said...

if i ever make it for the con next Feb I'll definitely get the keychain. it's pretty!

thanks for uploading the pics! =)

Anonymous said...

OMG I NEED THESE!!! Does anyone know where to get them? i cant find them online i think im gonna go crazy ahaha

Anonymous said...

I loooooove the towel, tour pamphlet and the tshirt with her face on it <3

I will go to a corner and sulk now.

Anonymous said...

i'm really like the t-shirt with her face!!! where i can find it in indonesia????