Monday, September 1, 2008

"a-nation '08" at Tokyo 31.08

Here's a photo of namie performing at the last day of "a-nation '08" in Tokyo:

It was raining on that day and some of the artists performing got soaked with rain. Fortunately, namie was the first artist to perform at a earlier time, hence missed the rain. She sang 'WHAT A FEELING', 'Sexy Girl', 'WANT ME,WANT ME', 'Chase the Chance' and 'Baby don't cry'



Jessica said...

whoa, shes wearing outfit thats really similar to the out fit during a-nation in july. except this one is green and the a-nation one in july she was wearing orange. wait, she was another outfit just like this in her "Hello" video!! wow, namie must really like these types of dresses.

Suraj said...

yeah, im not surprised tho. theyre JUST her type and she looks wow in them. Namie rules man. hottt :)