Saturday, August 2, 2008

Namie on '王様のブランチ' 02/08

Here's a Japanese TV show '王様のブランチ' aired a few hours ago featuring yet another interview with namie:

Namie appeared on this show about one year ago featuring her doing shopping with the 2 hostess.



Anonymous said...

hhahahah so so funny!

daniel said...

I can’t understand one word,just namie amuro xd, but she is so cute and shy

love it!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could understand what they're saying! but i love it anyways ^_^namie's the cutest

Suraj said...

omggggg, that wannabe Alice in Wonderland is sooooo funny. Namie's laughter was crackin me up even more. Namie wasnt so shy this time!the conversation was HILARIOUS. all i know is that she deliberately sang diff lyrics to Baby Don't Cry. lol. i hope we get a translation! i loved it! thanx!

Anonymous said...

Here's a summary of the Brunch segment.

Amuro has requested an interview with “Hime-sama” (Princess), who she happily greets. It’s been a year since they’ve seen each other (or as Amuro says, “probably”), when they went shopping at an underground department store, 300 yen shop, and talked about manga. Back then, Hime recommended “Kyou no Nekomura-san” to Amuro and also asked her for her telephone number. This interview, Hime asks if she remembers the shopping trip which Amuro vaguely does (laughing) and also presents Amuro with the three volumes of Nekomura-san. Amuro asks, “Is this a good series?” which Hime scolds her that they talked about it (more Amuro laughing hysterically and barely getting out “I’m sorry!”). Amuro thanks Hime for the manga and says “I’m hot now!”

They talk about “Best Fiction” and Amuro says “Please listen to it!” Hime tells Amuro that all the Brunch members love Amuro, especially Tanihara who goes on “virtual dates” with her. Hime asks Amuro if she watches “Brunch” and Amuro says “Of course!”, which Hime responds “You’re lying.” Amuro laughs and says, “I do! I do!” When Hime tests her and asks about her favorite corner, Amuro says she likes the Room Research segment. Apparently the two hosts of this really love Amuro and want to go out with her. Hime asks her to say a message to them, and all Amuro can get out is “Hello!” Hime asks her “You like the Room Research, but you really don’t care about the hosts, right?” (more Amuro laughter and her saying “That’s not true!”).

Question segment: What do you feel happiest doing right now? Amuro enjoys eating, like having “home parties” (lunches/dinners at her house), which is the first time she’s ever done that. Hime says that she wants to attend one too, and Amuro says “Please come!” Hime then responds “You HAVE to give me your e-mail address. DEFINITELY” :>

Hime asks What is the biggest mistake she’s made recently? Amuro can’t think of anything, like getting drunk. She says that her staff usually does that, and Hime says her manager does that as well.

Amuro says that when she sings “Sen no kaze ni natte” at karaoke, her staff gets really emotional. Hime says she likes to sing “Sweet 19 Blues,” which Amuro says is a really good song. Amuro says that when she sings it now, she feels emotional. Hime also likes “Baby Don’t Cry” and asks Amuro not to get mad, but she thought a line was different: “Hitori de yuubinkyoku” (Alone at a post office), but the line is “Hitori de you’ve been tryin’” (you’ve been trying alone), making Amuro laugh more.

Next are questions from Tanihara and Yuuko. Yuuko asks how to become sexy. Amuro says that Yuuko is pretty sexy and she doesn’t consider herself sexy (causing Hime to drop the letter). Hime tells her that she super sexy and Amuro says that’s the first time anyone has told her that. Next is from Tanihara, which Amuro responds “Tani!” and Hime asks her if she really calls him that. She does like him. :> He wants to know how she relaxes. She says she likes to soak her upper body (like face), and thinks “Tani” is cool. Hime is trying to think of embarrassing stories about him.

Finally, Hime presents Amuro with a present: her signature! And ends with her asking Amuro for her e-mail address.

Between the Brunch members, “Tani” is estatic at his new nickname and Hoshino reports that Hime did receive Amuro’s e-mail address and will be invited to one of her home parties. Tanihara asks her to ask if they can be invited, and Hoshino says she’ll think about it.

Overall, Amuro was cute and funny. Interviews are great, because you can always see her smiling and laughing.

Suraj said...

omggg hahahahahhaa the Baby Don't Cry and the dropping the letter part wass the funniest! thanx so much fr the translation man! hahahahahhahahah!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't play ;_;
Is this video available on any other sites? I'd really want to see it =(

Vaioleto said...


Anonymous said...

I was able to play it afterall =)

Btw, thank you Anonymous for translating! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the translation anon!!
Namie is pure love... I adore her personality....