Sunday, August 10, 2008

'LUIRE' September 2008

Here are the HQ scans of 'LUIRE' September 08 issue:

scans by [南极烤鸭]


Suraj said...

wow! those are HOTTT. Namie looks pretty and fierce. superb!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Cool!!!! Now that's the Namie I want to see ^^

Anonymous said...

namie looks really goo in the picture with the whip fierce. but on a side note she should dye her hair red it would look nice on her.

C said...

Wow, amazingly HOT!

deana said...

it so HOT!!!
now i understend why Namie is the best for me!
look at her... she is totally unbelievable!!

great pics... amazing NAMIE:]]

Anonymous said...

Namie looks hot in these pics!!!!!

Shadowcat said...

she looks perfect! that kind of namie i love...independent and hot amuro ro ro ro