Sunday, August 24, 2008

From the flashy red to the monotone G&W

This month theme for September, I decided go for a very simple and monotone colors for NNN compared to the flashy red last month.

Recently I reformatted my PC and hence I lost my adobe photoshop program and still haven't get it reinstall even until now. Therefore I have problems doing any graphic design for my new banner... so I decided to dig out a rather old banner that I made way back last year which suppose to be rejected!

It seen that the banner does suit the grey and white nonetheless! I guess that it don't look so bad either! Haha! ^_^



Vaioleto said...

It's beautiful. lol

Namie is so fierce.

Anonymous said...

i simply love it.

absolutely sunning she looks =D that's what i like best. simple and stunning =D

Kiyoikou said...

this layout is so classy looking~! <3 Good Job!^^

ville said...

i love this theme :>