Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sneak preview of ”乙女のパンチ”with 'Sexy Girl'!

Here's a very low quality handphone captured video of the NHK drama 'Otome no Punch' preview:

You can briefly hear 'Sexy Girl' as the background music in the clip!!

credit [travis]


Anonymous said...

The speed you update namie's new is so fast, how wonderful you are!!

Suraj said...

i can hardly hear it :( and in the begining i heard Namie singing somethin like 'cant sleep i cant eat' or something :\ I HOPE ITS GOOD. OH GOD PLEASE. i love u Namie :) thank you for info ;)

Anonymous said...


sherlyn said...

i heard it,
it sounds really good,
kinda reminds me of What a Feeling in some parts! =)

shadowcat said...

for me it sound like girl talk ;)))