Saturday, April 26, 2008

GISELe June 2008 scans (Updated)

Here are the low quality scans of GISELe June 08 issue:

Namie has been on the cover of GISELe magazine for the consecutive 3 months, April, May & June!!! She must be loving this magazine so much or they're paying her a lot for appearing on it for the past 3 months... :P

Updated with high quality scans:

scans by [puppy] & [nabs1014]


Anonymous said...

this is the first tiem i write!
But i have to say this is an great blog!I love Namie and it is nice to see so much infotmation about her...and I love her magazine scans!
thanks a lot!

Sorry about the English...I'm spanish and i don't speak it very well..

Anonymous said...

Awwww, she loves dogs! She's been looking a lot happier lately, I wonder why. I also love her hair in the bun! It looks cute!

Anonymous said...

KAWAIIIII! she looks like hachi from NANA!

reveriepapillon said...

she looks so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

she looks great ...

to the first comment .. ur english is just fine ..

Reina said...

All I have to say is....WOW! Namie looks so pretty here! And she looks happy also...I've always seen her not smiling in magazines. BTW, does she really have bangs or are they fake?? Because in the last picture, it really looks as if she has bangs. Thanks for the scans!!!!!

poo said...

She's so cute and sweet when she smiles! *melts*