Saturday, March 22, 2008

'WHAT A FEELING' Live at Music Fighter

Here's the 2nd live performance of 'WHAT A FEELING' on Music Fighter (21.03.08):

Oh no! >_< I wonder if namie will ever perform 'ROCK STEADY' live on tv? I loved that song and wants to see a more complete choreographies of it! But it seems that namie likes to perform 'WHAT A FEELING' out of the 3 songs the most!



Anonymous said...

Yeah it would be nice if she performed the other two songs. But I do like this song, so I don't might it too much. =P

「TKJA」 said...

I was wondeing did she cut her hair? or does it just look shorter with that style?! ^^ Either Way i Still Love Her!

jaykay33k said...

yeah she cut it. if you can tell in 'WAF' video especially in the red dress. her hair used to be al the way to her waist now its a little past her bust line.