Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Namie Amuro first #1 single in 10 years!!!

According to this chart from oricon.co.jp, '60s70s80s' is her first no.1 single for the past 10 years since 'I HAVE NEVER SEEN' in 1998! This means that namie will be getting #1 spot for '60s70s80s' on it's second week sales despite being #2 in the first week!

Congratulation to namie!!!

pic by [Catslaughing]


bigkun said...

Congratulation Namie!!!

Finally this day has come
We, all the fan, are waiting for this day.

Hope this year will be another great year for U ^^

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to namie(^.^)

Anonymous said...

i know she will come back to #1 one day!! FINALLY!!! welcome back to #1! I will always love you, i've been a royal fan since 1995!! xoxo

Sushik said...

Congratulation namie! She deserves it!!!