Saturday, February 2, 2008

'PLAY' Week 28 & 29 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "PLAY"

Week 28: 700
Total: 517,708

Week 29: 791
Total: 518,499

Compared to 689 copies sold on week 27, it seems that the weekly sales of 'PLAY' has slightly increased due to effect of 'PLAY' tour and maybe the high exposure of namie on Vidal Sassoon CMs!



Anonymous said...

This is amazing! I am very happy for Namie. 2007 was very nice to her! I hope 2008 can be better. Where do you find the sale information?

Do you have the picture of Namie at a funeral for mom? I saw you remove them on another forum but I am curious! (I LOVE NAMIE) I dont have intention to disrespect her ( i am simply curious )

Yee-chan said...

There are pic from funeral? I have never seen it before. Reading above comment you have removed from a forum? I am sure you meant no disrespect.

tusbasa said...


Kenshen said...

two of those copies are for me and my friend :), it takes so long to shipp, I want to PLAY! :(

Anonymous said...

next week if it even sells 1 copy, it belongs to me! i get to buy it soon.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get this info?