Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PLAY TOUR 2007 Special Digest from Yahoo! Japan

Here's a 2 minutes preview of PLAY TOUR 2007 DVD from Yahoo! Japan. It contains clips from 'Hide & Seek', 'DARLING', 'FUNKY TOWN', 'Hello', 'Baby Don't Cry' & 'Top Secret':

You can download it here.

thanks [Catslaughing] for the video


Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!
that's soooo super!!!
man, I can't wait till the DVD comes out...
Namie the best!!!

Anonymous said...

I really wish you would hear me... #53=NEW LOOK TOKIO HOT 100

UH+ said...

^ i knew that. But I'm not putting it up here because I'm waiting for it to reach Top 10.

shadowcat said...

WoW DARLING and TOP SECRT are awesome!!! must have dvd as soon as poslible