Tuesday, February 26, 2008

PLAY TOUR 2007 DVD On Sale in Japan!

Although it's only 26th Feb in Japan, namie's PLAY TOUR 2007 DVD is finally on sale! These are photos taken by [Alessia_Tateno] who lived in Japan:

Basically, the photos show the promotion booth in a local Cd-store and a laminated poster of the DVD cover. The DVD also included a 60s70s80s promotion sheet and a website special access code paper.


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Jpop Bug said...

PLAY tour DVD is the best show, even better than Best Fiction tour. Namie looked composed throughout PLAY concert. The relatively small stage didn't limit the appeal of the show. She also performed B-side of singles eg Butterfly and Darling which I didn't own. The best performance was Cant-U-Celebrate, an alternative version sort of.