Friday, February 29, 2008

Attention to all visitors...

Hi Everyone! Just to inform you that from tomorrow onwards (1st March), I'll starting my new job as an animal care-taker in Singapore's Night-Safari!

Therefore, I'll not have as much time as of previous months, hence I can't continue to update NNN with the latest informations ASAP. However, I'll still update it daily after work and will still keep this blog running. ^_^ If anyone is interested in running NNN for/together with me, please feel free to leave a message and let me know!

Thanks for the attention and continue to support Namie News Network!



Anonymous said...

I've got two different emotions from this article.One is I am happy that you get a new job.And the other one is that u can not update namie's imformation as usual, I feel a little bit frustrated. Although these reasons mentioned above, I still want to say thank you for sharing namie's latest information with us these days.

Pink Key said...

could I know your msn?
I would like to talk with you, love your website.

Anonymous said...

i wanna help you to keep uploading news.
but i have to focus on my studies.
i am so sorry i can't help you.
Anyway,thank you for uploading those news.=]

aum said...

Congratulation!! I hope we'll seeing sometimes. I live in Thailand but my company send engineers to train at S'pore often. ^^

Kenshen said...

Go make us proud UH+! Make those animals as happy as you've made us Namie fans!

That came out really weird but you get what I mean. :)

Gustavo said...

Go make us proud UH+! Make those animals as happy as you've made us Namie fans! [2]
good luck in your new job :D
how we go to be informed about namie? :(

Shinseiki21 said...

Like the others comments, i's so happy for you and your new job, that's a great job. Good for you.

I hope this blog continues updating news because it's a great to hear about Namie.

Ones again congratulations for your new job.

MayMay said...

I dun mind helping you. =) Afterall I oso SG!!

HOWIE said...

thank you so much for running this blog, can't wait till hear the full version of " what a feeling", thats the best song in that single. good luck on your new job!! :)

Anonymous said...

good luck with your job!!
love this site, its my favorite amuro news site now! thanks for your hard work!!!!


Matt said...

I wanna help!!!

I don't know how tho...


But I DO!

Rafael said...

Congratz for the job!!
and thanks for the daily updates about Namie!!
NNN is great!!
if you want some help with the blog i can help you!
i'm from Brazil but i know a lot about Namie!! And i'm really excited about her shows here on Brazil!!!
Anyways... feel free to contact me..
See ya... take care..

Ultra Micah (ウルトラ・マイカ) said...

You're doing great! If you need any help, let me know. I also do namie stuff on my blog, plus I can read japanese.

Karen said...

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