Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vote for Namie at 'Yahoo Music Award 2007'

You can now vote for namie in the female & best photo category of Yahoo Music Award 2007!

01. Go to Yahoo Music Award 2007 Best Female & Best Photo

02. Look for namie and select it.

03. Click this to vote:

04. And you will see the results:

Please give your support to Namie!!! ^_^ She's currently at no.2 for both categories!



jaykay33k said...

i refreshed the page like 100 times. hope she wins

Kenshen said...

Next year she'll be number 1 in ALL categories! ROCK STEADY BABY!

オレリ said...

Voted! GO NAMIE :]

beshop said...

voted !

Kenshen said...

What the hell? lol, how did someone in the best photo category yesterday with like 12 votes suddenly jump to 4000 votes today? I smell foul play!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link! now i can vote for erika. sorry namie!

YAY NAMIE! said...

gotta keep refreshing then!