Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More photos from VS Premium Live

Here are some photos of VS Premium Live on 1/17, taken from a Japanese Blog:

Patricia Field, Namie Amuro & Orlando Pita

Namie Amuro -Vidal Sassoon- Barbie Dolls



Beshop said...

yeah, Namie ! \o/

Tks for sharing :)

「TKJA」 said...

OMG,How do I get those dolls? lol I want one!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Those dolls are cute. Namie doesn't look as good as she usually does though.... she looks a bit drabbed. Maybe b/c she's tired? I don't like her "new" hair either. It's still long but now it's so plain and average looking. I think it's b/c Orlando Pita did her hair (for VS) whereas in the past it was purely Japanese so it looked funkier.

Wendi said...

yipee! I got the songs 'Rock Steady' and 'New Look'! Its awesome!

jaykay33k said...

i want a Barbie doll!!