Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sample of 'Full Moon' Choreography by NAD

Here's a video of the actual choreography of "Full Moon" used in 'PLAY' tour 2007 (thanks [dawnjc79] for confirming it ^_^). Although it's pretty short, it's really interesting!

I'm been looking through all of their videos and it seems that they are a taiwanese dance group called 'NAD' that dedicated mostly to teaching choreographies by namie.

Pretty cool huh? ^_^

Here are some dances I think they did pretty well but some are WAYY bad! :P
Violet Sauce| Fish| exist for you| WANT ME, WANT ME| Queen of Hip-Pop

You can find all their lessons videos: 'Here'.



dawnjc79 said...

It's Namie's moves but Namie did it so much better of course :P

Celaphorce said...

OMG!!!...I really love the part for U-U-U-U-Under the full a snake in a I'm really looking forward to Top Secret...thanks!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the other video with Namie performing 'Put 'Em Up? Just wondering. (=

UH+ said...

^ the video was unauthorized to be view all of the sudden, so i removed it. ^_^; very sorry

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just wanted to watch it again. At least I got the chance to watch it at least once. It was way cool! I loved it! Her dancing was really good! Thanks for posting it up. (=