Saturday, December 22, 2007

Possibilty of an 'ASIA TOUR 2008'

According to this Taipei Arena schedule, namie will be performing her concerts on both 12th & 13th April 2008! And there are also some sources mentioning a concert by namie on 26th April 08 in Shanghai, China.

This means that namie might be holding an ASIA tour 2008 just like what she did for SO CRAZY 2004 in Taipei & Seoul. Hope namie goes to more asian countries this time round!!

Singapore! *cross-fingers*

credit amuro-china


k.e.L.w.e.N said...

YES!! Hopefully Amuro Queen will come to Singapore to perform!! I will sure be there to support!!

Anyway cheers to this blog!! Its a great site that I can refer to as all information can be found!! Keep up the good work!! *claps

MayMay said...

Yeap!! Let's pray she will come to Singapore as I know last year her Concert book is done by a Singaporean photographer and the DVD is actually Made in Singapore!! Haa!

k.e.L.w.e.N said...

Oh really? Wow I dint know abt tt! Just cross our fingers that she will come here soon!!