Saturday, October 20, 2007

Namie's Trivias

Quite a while ago, I wrote some interesting stuffs I knew about namie from either magazine interviews, tv talk-shows etc from all these years, onto the trivia section of namie's wikipedia.

However, they are removed after a while. Fortunately, MTVasia used it in the biography of namie and now I am about to look at what I wrote before again ^_^.

Here's the trivia:

* Namie's mum was murdered by namie's uncle (emiko's brother-in-law) due to long-time conflicts. He ran namie's mum over a few times in his car and hacked her several times with an axe. He later committed suidcide in his car.

* Namie was reported not shedding any tears during her mum's funeral knowing herself that she had done her mother proud and she get to become a grandmum before passing away.

* Namie has 4 tattoos in total. She got her first tattoo during a trip to Jamaica in 1996. It is a barcode near her left wrist which reads her birthdate "19770920." Two are located near her wrist on her left arm, one speaks her son's name 'HARUTO' while the other is a tribute to her slain mother.

* It was reported that namie's face length is only 15cm long! From the tip of her forehead to her chin.

* Namie officially announced to the media that she's borned a 'shy' person, which is a charactertistic not many showbiz artists have.

* When Namie was enrolled in Okinawa's Actor School, she was given a choice between dancing+singing classes and actor classes. When she found out that she was too shy to act and read the scripts aloud in front of the class, she switched to the dancing and singing courses instead.

* Namie cried in front of her manager asking why she was given the lead role in her debut movie 'That's cunning?'.

* Namie implanted a silver belly button ring after hearing her son calling her 'old'.

* Namie was a coach of a elementary school's baseball team.

* Namie loved to eat, especially oily fried foods. When asked what she will do if tomorrow is the end of the world, she replied that she will eat as much delicious foods as possible!

* Namie loves to serve her staffs with Sake (Japanese rice wine) during parties until they are drunken but she never drank it before herself ! Her first time drinking sake was during a music programme 'Utaban' episode with Mariah Carey as the special quest

* Namie and her son lived in an apartment unit where her ex-husband lived in the same block but different unit.

* Although divorced, namie was spotted attending her son's school events with her ex-husband.

* It is reported that namie will return from her work to tug her son in and bring him to his first-day at school the next morning, even she's far away from Tokyo for work.

* Namie let her son attended her 'SO CRAZY' tour concert in order to let him have a idea of what his mum was doing for work.

* Namie mentioned that the most important part of her career is doing live concerts. All her songs she picked are meant to be performed in her lives. She picks songs that can make her look great or cool when performed live. So in order to perform them live, she need to release them in her albums first. She will quit if she is not given a chance to hold anymore concerts.

* Namie likes to feel nervous during her concerts than feeling relax because it gives her a better performance results.

* Namie went to America for vocal lessons during 2002 to change the way she sings before she started the SUITE CHIC collabration.

* Namie mentioned before in a Taiwan's Variety Show that she never go to gym before her concerts' date to increase her stamina. The only thing she did was to dance during rehearsals.

* Namie mentioned that she likes to wear 'cold' colors tops e.g white, black, blue, brown etc which suits any like of pants or jeans. She also mentioned that she doesn't like to wear hats in the past because she couldn't find any that looks nice on her.

* Namie mentioned in a interview that she once baked a cake on top of a stove instead of in an oven!

* Namie is a Japan manga (comic) lover ! She has a very large collection of manga at home and she read them in her waiting time during work.

* Namie loves to watch tv when at home. She watches classic anime like 'Dragonball Z'. She also loved to watch Korean dramas and found herself hooked to some of them! She also watches america series like 'Prison Break' and '24'.

* Namie currently owns a dog named 'Koto'. She used to own another dog named 'Betty' a couple years ago and rumours say that it has passed away. 'Betty' and 'Koto' can be found in the credits of her album and dvd releases under the 'special thanks to' section.



Anonymous said...

Nice~! =D Love your blog!

Shenryu said...

Love these info! You're so cool, where'd you find them?! Haha, Queen Namie can be so random sometimes, like baking a cake on a stove? Watchiong DragonballZ?! LOL