Friday, January 8, 2010

Press Conference by Atsushi Tamura

Brief translation:

When this relationship started?
Atsushi: It's really recent, it was at winter. We knew each other from before.

The home party at summer...
Atsushi: At that time I didn't really think things would became like this; I went to her birthday party in September, but the relationship hadn't started yet though.

How it started?
Atsushi: Our thoughts raised, because our feelings raised. It came from me, I asked her to be my partner. The place was at the metropolitan area. Outdoors... It was outdoors. It was when we were having a meal. We weren't alone. We didn't really have many times of only the two of us. Generally, when we are having our meals.

Why travel to Sedona?
Atsushi: When we had the idea of going to travel, we thought of many places, but we knew that Sedona was a power spot.

What about the power of love?
Atsushi: I don't know about the power of love, but we bought a lot of power from Sedona.

Meditation above a rock?
Atushi: It's very known. Yes, counting with me in a group of 3 men, we went to the interior of a mountain. I received the great power of the earth.

What about Miss Amuro?
Atushi: I think she felt that too. The feelings we felt from each other was different before and after the travel.

How do you call each other?
Atsushi: We are still very shallow, so we generally call each other by the name. What kind of intonation is a secret of us.

Did you had interest in her for a long time?
Atsushi: She has always been in the media since youth, so I knew her.

Which song of her do you like?
Atsushi: (Laughs) All For You.

What about the desire of marriage?
Atsushi: We just started, so we don't have any.

There was something special during New Year's eve?
Atsushi: This was a casual long term vacation for each other, so we didn't perceive anything special.

There's plans of marrying in the future?^
Atsushi: We really just started, while we go out, if we have the feeling of marrying, there will be a possibility, but not at the actual stage. We didn't thought that everyone would find it out so soon.

What existence are you to each other?
Atsushi: We give stimulus to each other. She's an existence that is fun to be with. When we are together we can be at ease. We have really just started, so I intend to watch over this warmly.

translation by [kait_glandol]


Anonymous said...

he looked like he had just struck lottery

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be mean, and I do hope that they're happy together...but it looks like such a publicity stunt....especially considering her rising popularity since last year...
Namie should've been there too.

huiping said...
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Anonymous said...

just read the translation, but his fav. song by namie ALL FOR YOU, are you kidding me? o_O

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^ Shut the fuck up, ALL FOR YOUR ROCKZ

Could you plz credit favoritemutant as well? Just add the link, because people are not going to know who kait is and where he posts if not. ^^;;

zahra said...

^I think at least he got Namies consent or else this relationship is over before it starts.
It would be asshole move to go to the media without Namie consent.

But why do a press conference without her? This is weird.
Their agencys should have released press statement conforming the story. He said they just started going out...
Don't celebrities usually in Japan have press conference when announce they are getting married (and she is pregnant)?

Now it's almost like his getting free media coverage thanks for this.

I don't like him and I hope he shut up about him and Namie now.

Anonymous said...

"I hope he did this WITH NAMIE'S CONSENT!!! KEYWORD: CONSENT!!!!"

I fear he didn´t. It´s obvius he doesn´t know her at all.
He goes to tv just to talk about it... About Namie´s privacy life? Are you crazy of your mind?


Anonymous said...

WTF, he doesn't match Amuro-chan at all.

r said...

I agree with everyone--holding a press conference for a simple relationship (instead of marriage, pregnancy, etc) seems publicity stunt-ish... I hope that is not the case.

And ALL FOR YOU is his fave? >_< I'm sure there will be fans here who like the song, but most likely none would choose that song as their FAVORITE. (I personally have to skip it when watching her tours :/)

"he looked like he had just struck lottery" <-- LOL Agree. What guy wouldn't after scoring Namie? XD

Anonymous said...

my heart is broken T_T Namie Cha!!

Anonymous said...

The Japanese are a bit exaggerated for these things not? They finish of become a couple (or he says it) and in this one he interviews is as if there had born the prince of Japan or something like that... And he is not a bit ... ugly? I do not want that it seems that I say it with another intention (sincéramente the physicist has never mattered for me at the moment of concentrating on someone, in my opinion it is the least important thing in a person) but seeing Namie, who is pretty, famous, I believed that she was going to go away with another "handsome" as Kamenashi Kazuya, Ninomiya Kazunary, Hayami Mokomichi or someone like that XDD. In addition I wanted that she was becoming a girlfriend of Gackt T.T lol.

nhialicious said...

i'm happy for namie have a boyfriend, but i'm not happy if Atsushi Tamura is her boyfriend. please namie u can get someone better than him. T.T

love u namie, but i hate ur boyfriend hehe. LOL

Anonymous said...

love namie
hate boyfriend

Karaoke said...

I hope he is good for her. Angry fans will probably stampede him if he breaks her heart. He's usually so picky, so I hope he can be genuinely thoughtful and caring towards her.

Though if this guy is the real deal, then I'm happy for Namie-chan~~ ^^

jt said...

I'm confused... why is there a press conference about him dating Namie? Is this normal in Japan??? Just when I think I gain an understanding of Japanese culture, something from outta left field happens.

Honestly, I don't think he's cute enough for Namie. Maybe she could try being a cougar like Madonna! And date Matsumoto Jun or Yamashita Tomohisa - ohhhh!! that'd be so cute!!!

Also, I LOVE "All For You", its my favorite Namie ballad!

Yanik said...

He's ugly :)

And they don't match at all.

Namie was always trying to hide her private life, why uncover it now?

Wish she'd find someone who at least looks more attractive.

Tucker-Miller said...

I realised why is it always when Namie's at her peak she will have some r/s fiesta ?

C'mon Namie, you're doing great as a single working mom. You rock and you don't need that faggot who's just in need the worl'd attention.

Love you namie.

Anonymous said...

I'm angry with this man.
he's an ass ¬¬
I read he did this without his consent.
I think,
after this...they don't match at all.

Namie deserves a better man.

Daniela said...

Who he thinks he is!?
he's just a horse ¬¬

She needs privacity and with this man I think It'll be impossible.

damn U horse.

Anonymous said...

He needs new hair. Namie seems too cool for him.

Anonymous said...

I love how some of you are so disapproving of him and thinking that "they don't match at all" when you don't know them personally or aren't them. Shocking, I know. How would YOU even know? For what it's worth, from what I've observed of Namie's personality... someone funny and someone who she can enjoy herself with is the perfect type for her. Sure, he's not good-looking in the conventional sort of way, but I think he's cute in his own way. You guys are too caught up in Namie's prettyness to forget the fact that looks have very little to do with a sustainable relationship! What, so you'd rather her have a ton of failed relationships with ~young Johnny's hotties~? GET THE FUCK OUT! If you guys want Namie to be happy, well, it sure doesn't sound like it. You're acting as if she doesn't like him at all just because we haven't heard her side of the story. Just calm down. And then you sound like retarded fangirls when you wish her to be with some Johnny's guy. It's not all about your fantasies! Come back down to reality, children! If you actually care about Namie you would wish her the best. I can understand being wary of the guy, but you people take it to a whole new shameful level!

Anonymous said...

THEIRE REALLY NOT FOR EACH OTHER >_<!!! HATE BOYFRIEND LOVE NAMIE!!!!! :)) BOYFRIEND LOOKS LIKE A JERK WHILE NAMIE.... SHE'S A HELL OF A QUEEN!! and he better treat her like a QUEEN!!! coz if he doesn't i'll make sure he'll be in hell!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Atsushi is using Namie to raise his own popularity to a higher level. I hope this is really not what it looks like for Namie.

Anonymous said...

^ I think that too.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

^ Butt-hurt by my long comment, anonymous? I see I've got you typing in ALL-CAPS!!!!1ONE

No one said the entertainment industry is perfect and I sure hope no one got that implication by what I'd typed. Besides, when the people call him scum just because she isn't dating some Johnny's pretty boy (BORING!) and thus have their dreams crushed, that sure sounds hypocritical and naive to me. People break up all the time in the entertainment industry, including good-looking people. What, would it all just be a little better if she was dating a good-looking playboy?

The one-night stand thing is a legitimate reason to be wary of him, and I understand that (calling him a 'faggot' is so mature btw), but we don't know if he's changed his ways now or what. If they really started going out since Winter, that's less than a month, so if Namie didn't know that about him, maybe she'll find out soon enough. Still, maybe she's able to look past that and see the good in him. I dunno. A person like him seems like he'd have commitment issues but if any woman could calm down a man like that I'd wager it to be Namie. Please, let's not just look at this in a black and white way, especially since we haven't heard anything out of Namie's mouth yet.

Please, people are acting like they knew every single detail about SAM's and Namie's relationship when in reality you know nothing. Lots of people make mistakes when they're young; I'm sure Namie has learned from them. You know, I can't believe some people don't like the fact that Namie is with a COMEDIAN. For how much you seemingly obsess about her, and claim to want the best for her, you have this image of her that is totally fantasy. Namie's not the untouchable goddess you make her out to be. NO ONE is. Namie is a really down-to earth and fun-loving person... and you say she's too good for a comedian? LOL, get the fuck out of here. You make me sick.

Anonymous said...

to the person who posted the comment above me, I really agree with you, no one knows them personally and what they are like together, and Namie hasn't said anything yet, and if things turn out bad oh well, that's life. Namie can make her own decisions and the only thing her fans can do is just watch. So everyone else get over it, she's dating him, it just started, you don't know them personally, and hope for the best instead of being negative.

Anonymous said...

^ Thanks anonymous, you're a classy lady indeed. Do you post at jpm/fm?

Daniela said...

I think she won't say nothing.
She's a lady after all.

Hanami said...

I don't like him at all, I just got the feeling it's all about HIS OWN publicity. Is Namie the kinda of lady who'd call the national TV?? I don't think so... he's a jerk!
I don't like Mt. Horse I hope she doesn't be serious, but I hope she has fun so being alone is not good but this man?! WTF

I've always wanted Gackt paired with Namie, they're like perfect match, I thought they'd date oneday T_T at least he's cooler... and Namie is such a goddess, she should dum him now!

Anonymous said...

to the last anonymous, if you are referring to the second to last anonymous (the one above you), than I'll answer your question. I am not a lady haha and no I don't post there.

Anonymous said...

is she pregnant?!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, NO. Shut the fuck up. If they started dating since the Winter, how would someone be able to tell she was pregnant? roflrofl. And don't you think she'd be educated enough to use a Trojan this time? Think people. Don't even joke about this stuff.

jt said...

Please stop using the word "faggot" its very discriminatory and promotes hate and violence. Kids have committed suicide for being called that. And people have killed others for being gay. Namie would never use that word or spread that hate. And you're only bringing down the credibiity of her fans when you use that. There's no room for hate and discrimination on a Namie Blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why so many people are talking so bad about this guy. He hasn't said anything derogatory towards Namie has he? He's only spoken good things about her. Do you know him personally? Probably not. You should be happy she's willing to put her heart out there after all she's been through. Your not with them 24/7 so you don't know the whole story, let alone him! I hope she's happy and wish her the best. I don't think she asked for nosey fan's approval on dating this guy has she. Grow up and let her be the strong woman she is. Yeah she may be a little peeved at this but let her deal with that. I understand not wanting to see her get hurt, but tone it down a bit.

Anonymous said...

ok i was pretty surprised when i heard the news cos i thought it was a joke. ive known of atsushi for nearly as long as i have been a fan of namie's (from london boots). the truth to be told, i always found him frank, funny, but of course the nature of his show is questionable (some would say degrading). i guess in many ways, compared to namie, the pairing of the two of them together is just beyond imaginable for most people. however i'd like to stress that as long as namie's found happiness, then im happy for, and i hope the rest of her fan will feel the same way. lets support her, whatever the decisions she makes. it is afterall her choice, her life; and we're just apart of it.

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