Saturday, June 20, 2009

Namie Arrival in Taiwan 19.06.2009

Namie arrived in Taipei airport at 4 p.m. on 19 June for her 'BEST FICTION TOUR 2009 in Taipei' concerts:

According to Taiwan's news articles, Namie was surprising in a very good mood when she arrived in Taipei airport compared to last year. She constantly taking photos with her cellphone and she even find it funny when some of her bodyguards being retained during the temperature check, due to high body temperature!



jaykay33k said...

they have to make sure her bodyguards dont have the swiineee lol

r said...

^ lol I was wondering what the temperature check was for XD

I'm glad she's smiling so much :D

Anonymous said...

Agh she looks kind of stoned in some of those pics >_< Still much more glamorous than last time. And damn those body temp checks. I remember being so freaked out about it since I had a cold when I went from Taiwan to Japan, but luckily passed :P Hope she has lots of interesting interviews and a great concert while in Taiwan. Wish I was still there T_T.

patricia said...

namie is so cute!! she looks so pretty!! ^o^

Anonymous said...

I don´t like the clothes, is a mixture between a nightdress and a boy's kimono XD