Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"WILD/Dr." debuted at no.1 on Day one!

"WILD/Dr." is no.1 today on its first day of release on Oricon Single Daily Chart, with a sales of 26,983 copies sold!

Stay tune for the first week sales on next Wednesday!



Anonymous said...

How well did this single sell on its first day compared to 60s70s80s? I can't find any information on how much that one sold on its first day.

Stll, congratulations, Namie! :D I hope it's no. 1 this week!

Anonymous said...

60s70s80s sold 35k on it's first day.

But the sales information are wrong. You don't have to multiply them by 1.7. 27k are the real sales.

patricia said...

Congratulations namie!!! I love NAmie.

Danielle J said...

Go Namie!

Suraj said...

wow! im reallyy excitedd! Shes making it to #1 this week! hopefully for two with more promotion!

GO FOR IT NAMIE! shes gonna make more sales tomo!

r said...

This is a very good start for the week--hope the sales keep up like this :D

Anonymous said...

go amuro!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Namie! She desrves the #1. It is a good single :)
And for those above who are wondering, be patient. 60s70s80s sold 114.000 in its first week and 293.000 in 21 weeks. So her almost 27.000 first day is very good (especially since the songs leaked very early). I prefer consistency over a big firs week sale followed by a slump.
Namie is so versatile. Good job. Can't wait for an album!
And, of course, maybe VMA awards too :)