Friday, October 10, 2008

Namie on NHK 59th Kouhaku?

Recently, Oricon came out with a early prediction of the attendant list of NHK 59th Kouhaku, and namie once again appeared on the Red/female list:

Namie last appearance on NHK's Kouhaku was on 2003 when she performed 'SO CRAZY'. Since then, she never appeared on the show again because she rejected the invitation to spend the new year eve with her son. However, namie was always listed as one of the performers expected to attend all these years. So once again, there isn't high chance that she will appear on Kouhaku again, but we'll never know...



zahra said...

I hope she rather comes to Music Station Superlive and/or Best Artist. Kouhaku is so boring. Msta Supelive is usually 20-22 December and Best Artist late November or early December. So it won't collide with New Years Eve.
Every year I cross my fingers and hope atleast she comes one of them.

Suraj said...

i hope she goes for it this year cz she'll be more noticed! i love Namie n i hope she enjoys this New Year! :D

r said...

I think this year would be a good one for her to go since she's recently gotten more famous--it would help keep the momentum going.

I hope she at least goes to one of the events zahra mentioned.